Dataworks Enterprise: Support

Dataworks Enterprise Support is provided for Dataworks Enterprise on a first line and second line support basis. First line support is offered regionally. For instance, in London, the first line support is offered by the Help Desk. Dataworks Enterprise Development Team operate second tier support from the London Office.

User of Dataworks Enterprise should report problems to the local first line support group. Where there is no resolution from the first line support group, the problem is escalated using local procedures to second line support. In this event, first line support record as many details as possible concerning the problem and E-mail Dataworks Enterprise Support. If this is reported outside London office hours, the problem will be picked up first thing the next working day.

There is, currently, no provision for software problems in Dataworks Enterprise to be fixed out of office hours.

Dataworks Enterprise Support second line support is currently, and will continue to be, carried out using a combination of email and some limited telephone support. This web site is not intended to replace this process, but to supplement and enhance it.

Generally, all support issues are handled using email at the address below. Please remember to use this address rather than mail one individual you happen to know, you are much more likely to get to the right person and will probably be get a quicker response as the entire team monitors the support line and the responses sent. Indeed, quite frequently, you will get more than one response which we hope clarifies rather than confuses.

We do recognise that occasionally the phone is better because of the pressure to get a problem resolved quickly or simply because it is more efficient to discuss a particular problem directly. Note that support in London is only available during office hours and that the support we offer is strictly second line support. Dataworks Enterprise users should go to the first line support structure which is handled regionally.

We are hoping that the DTN will soon have enough information to avoid the necessity of using the support line for many common problems.

We have also held training courses in the past for operations staff and for developers alike. These take the form of presentations and "talks" by members of the team usually in London, although once on-site in Rockville. In some cases, the course is put on for customer staff who have the responsibility to support and maintain some part of a Dataworks Enterprise installation.

If you need to contact Dataworks Enterprise Support second line support team or have any other query please mail: