A Brief History of Dataworks Enterprise

Dataworks Enterprise was originally conceived and developed by a small company called "The One Software Company Ltd", more commonly known as "Tosca". Tosca was a small financial software consultancy and had three employees who had previously worked for Dow Jones Markets, Reuters, Totem, Kapiti, etc.

In the first instance, the idea was to produce a front office publishing system that could publish data to market data distribution systems (MDDS). Front office publishing is quite a complex task involving Office and MDDS integration. At the time (1998), there were very few of these systems in place and the ones that were used were often poor in implementation.

In principle, these publishing systems have software at user workstations take data, often from MS Office applications, and send it to a central server or servers for redistribution using the bank's MDDS. Banks would use the system to publish in-house analysis onto the distribution system, for their front office traders to use. The data would be integrated at the trader workstation with third-party data such as quotes and news.

This software was substantially finished around the turn of 1999-2000 and Tosca set about the task of trying to sell the product to its customers, i.e. banks.

In the meanwhile, a significant interest had been shown in Dataworks Enterprise by a number of the market data vendors and other third-parties.

There were a number of factors that caused this. Firstly, Dataworks Enterprise could integrate well with Web technology and many vendors were looking to "beef up" their web solutions. Also, at the time, there were a significant number of acquisitions taking place in the financial information market place and Dataworks Enterprise's ability to quickly integrate disparate data sources became more significant to these vendors.

Late in 1999, Primark acquired the software and the Tosca developers joined TFS. Primark brought in additional development staff to the group and tasked them with making all Thomson data available through Dataworks Enterprise, and to use it as a single consolidated API to that data.

The product has been variously named since being owned by Thomson. Among the more common are MDP, PDP, Silverback (actually this was something quite different), and the "Press".

In 2003 the name was changed to Dataworks Enterprise, and the rest, as they say, is history.