Dataworks Enterprise Permissioning System

Dataworks Enterprise Permissioning System is responsible for all aspects of authentication, entitlements and permissioning within Dataworks Enterprise.

Dataworks Enterprise Permissioning System is the system by which users supply credentials, login and are authenticated and get access to permissioned data. The main components of the system are the Permissions Server (and its related database) and code built into the cache including:

The RTPrincipal Object
Used by client to supply a set of credentials to the cache. This allows the client to download entitlements from the Permissions Server.
The RTPermissions Object
Used by sources to associate permissioning information with particular records.

The diagram below shows the interactions of the various components with the cache.

The permissions system gets the entitlements either through manual data entry using the permissions maintenance tools or through import utilities which retrieve data online. Update to the permissions system is propagated almost immediately to all logged in clients.


This component was initially released in version


An overview can be found in can be found in Dataworks Enterprise Permissions and a more indepth developer's view in How To Do Permissions


The permissions server relies on a backend permissioning database (implemented using SQL Server).


The main configuration and setup involves building a permissions database and connecting the permissions server to it.


This handler provides a source called "Permissions" which is used to propagate permissioning information to clients. The format of requests and responses to this source is not publicly documented.

Known Problems