Dataworks Enterprise Launcher

Dataworks Enterprise Launcher is the main component responsible for managing a Dataworks Enterprise installation at run-time. It is responsible for launching and monitoring processes, restarting them when necessary.

There are, actually, two quite separate launchers (colloquially known as the "old launcher" and the "new launcher"). The old launcher was used prior to Release 2.1.0.

With Release 2.2.0, the old launcher was replaced by a completely new module (the new launcher). This provides all the facilities of the old launcher and a whole collection of new functionality. The old launcher is still distributed on the release CD and is still supported. We are recommending that users upgrade to the new launcher. In a future release, the old launcher will no longer be supported. Consequently, this Web Site will mainly deal with issues concerning the new launcher.


Release 1.0.0 - Original Launcher Released
Release 2.2.0 - New Launcher Released. Old Launcher still distributed on CD.


The launcher is described in the document Dataworks Enterprise Launcher.




See the document above.


With the release of the new launcher, there are many changes taking place either as bug fixes or to add requested or required functionality. Since the initial release, the following fetaures have been added:

  • RTLaunch now allows you to interactively or throught COM do a software abort (i.e. generate a stack trace of a program and close it down). These are actually two quite separate operations. IOW, it is possible to do a stack trace and then continue, but I think it makes sense to present it as part of the same thing.

  • RTLaunch Program has a new readonly property called hWnd which is the handle of the window it is managing for hide and show as well as polling.

  • Bug fixed in script loading the same script repeated and dealt with some problem associated with security contexts.

  • New option to disable the exit menu when running as a service (registry entry "HasExitMenu", defaults to 1 (true)). To disable, add the entry and set it to zero.

  • Removed dependency on WININET.DLL and link to it on the fly so that the launcher can be installed and run without having to have WININET installed.

  • Added to environment:

    IP_HOST_NAME The fully qualified DNS name of the host
    IP_HOST_ADDR A semi-coln delimited list of IP addresses available on this host.
    RTLAUNCH_VERSION A semi-coln delimited list of IP addresses available on this host.

  • Fixed bug in the RTLaunch.exe on NT does not allow display of Page Faults or Page Faults delta on NT when it should.

  • Bug fixed where the launcher ignores windows with empty names.

  • Sizeable horizontal and vertical windows

  • PID in hexadecimal not decimal. The launcher now prints this in decimal to conform with the NT Task Manager.

  • Temporary script file to be backed up (to configurable number of instances). This is controlled by the key NumUserScriptBackups and defaulting to 1.

  • Persistent option is on by default in Add Process Dialog

  • Added a new method called wait in the script host (default script environment). This is analogous to the Wait command in the old launcher syntax. The method takes a single argument which is a variant and can be:

    a number, in which case, the number is assumed to be milliseconds to wait for.

    a string, in which case, I check if it is a file name and if so, wait for the file to come into existence. If it is not a valid file name, the launcher attempts to open a Mutex, Event or Semaphore. If these are successful, the launcher waits on the object to be signalled. If not, it returns an error.

    In all cases during which waited time the script engine will stop executing, but incoming method calls will continue to be handled

  • Task List View showing scheduled tasks in a modeless popup. Updates when scheduled task executes or changes. Allow add edit, delete or execute Now on the task and setting of detailed logs for each task. Tasks can now be persisted automatically.

  • Tool List View showing tools in a modeless popup. Updates when tools change. Allow add edit, delete on the tool and setting of detailed logs for each tool. Tools can now be persisted automatically.

  • Run Script View that allows scripts to be loaded edited and sent to the execution engine for testing purposes. Scripts can then be saved (no persistence support).

  • Changes to object model, Tools and Task now have persistence, tasks have an execute method.

  • Bug fixes to Tools and tasks remove method, better handling of dialog messages, management of child dialogs during minimise, editing tasks and better error reporting for invalid tasks and tool parameters.

  • Configurable ignore window lists. The reg key

    has values:
    IgnoreClasses REG_MULTISZ Prefixes to class names to be ignored (added to those below)
    IgnoreWindows REG_MULTISZ Prefixes to window names to be ignored (added to those below)

    The default list of class names are:

    Auto-Suggest Dropdown
    Internet Explorer_Hidden,

    and window names:

    Socket Notification
  • Added verbose message when a window is connected (giving handle, class name and window name).

  • Better closedown code for stop/restart stuff, specially in the case where a window is not found. Handles VB forms better.

  • Stopped printing complete symbol lists in a stack trace when in detailed log mode as it generates multi-megabytes for VB, takes over five minutes to do (in which the launcher won't operate properly). It doesn't give us much anyway.

  • Fixed problems associated with lengths of strings.

  • Fixed problem associated with programs not responding to commands after a show is issued.

    �The old Launcher is fully documented in Dataworks Enterprise Operations Manual (Word Document).

    *DISCLAIMER: The changes are only possible proposals and represent neither "work in progress" nor work that is scheduled for a future release. Details of product roadmaps and current development shoudl be directed through the normal reporting channels.