Dataworks Enterprise SNMP Agent

Dataworks Enterprise SNMP Agent is a monitoring application for Dataworks Enterprise which is based on the Simple Network Management Protocol for relaying information. The main Protocol Entities consists of the following components:
  • A Manager.
  • An Agent.
  • Management Information Base (MIB).

    The Manager is an application that manages the agents using SNMP and the agent's MIB. It normally presents a GUI interface that allows operators to monitor & control applications in a network. Several vendors offer SNMP capabilities in their generic system managers.

    The Agent is a layer of software that executes in the application being monitored & controlled. It interfaces SNMP to the application specific instrumentation. The kind of data monitored, and its meaning in management terms is specified by the Agent's MIB.

    The MIB defines the set of information that an Agent presents to a Manager. It represents the semantics of the Management Information that an Agent implements, and can be thought of as a language. Each kind of agent defines its own MIB. A MIB consists of a set of definitions, one for each kind of managed instrumentation/control variable.

    The Agent provides the following information via SNMP on request by the Manager (called a Get operation)

  • Its own statistics (it's version information and the total number of SNMP requests serviced)
  • Dataworks Enterprise Cache statistics
  • Source statistics

    The Agent an alert for sources starting up and shutting down via an SNMP Trap standard which is delivered to the Manager


    Version 2.0.0 - Initial Release


    Further documentation can be found in the "Thomson Financial Solutions - Dataworks Enterprise Operations Manual"




    Configuration settings and explanations can be in the PdpSnmp.dat and some further details in the " Thomson Financial Solutions - Dataworks Enterprise Operations Manual".

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