Dataworks Enterprise HTML/XML API

Dataworks Enterprise HTML and XML APIs are a suite of web services designed to meet the needs of Dataworks Enterprise clients who prefer to program against an http request/response API rather than directly against the COM or Java interfaces.

These services run on a web server connected into Dataworks Enterprise network. There are a variety of installation and configuraiton options. All Dataworks Enterprise data sources are available through this API in a variety of formats. The API handles symbology issues and allows the caller to use a standard symbology (currently support PGE) against all underlying datasets regardless of the native symbology of that dataset.

HTML Services

A collection of simple HTML web pages covering most Dataworks Enterprise data sources.
All pages have a common interface, where all requests are http GETs with parameters passed in the url.
All pages have a common presentation stlye, using a common stylesheet.

Charting Services

A simple charting application. Charts can be drawn for multiple time series, with industry standard analytics.

Base XML Service

A direct API to Dataworks Enterprise data cache. Very little extra functionality is offered over the standard request from Dataworks Enterprise data sources.
The result is returned in one the standard Dataworks Enterprise XML format(s).

Extended XML Services

A collection of services offering packaged processing for more complex requests. Often requirements are such that, although technically possible using repeated individual calls, in practice extra/complex processing is required on the server side from a pure efficiency point of view.