Dataworks Enterprise: Product Information

Some of the higher-level theories of Dataworks Enterprise are covered here. What is Dataworks Enterprise? introduces you to Dataworks Enterprise and describes what it does (and does not) do. You can also read about the history of Dataworks Enterprise and the set standard Components which comprise the product, describing each component in more detail.

Other Sources of Information

We know that finding the right information about Dataworks Enterprise can be difficult at times. This site is intended to help resolve this situation. Some documents are provided with each CD in the document folder. These include a large overview document, the operations manual and other technical documents. For programmers, the API is documented in the RTCache.hlp on the release CD and is installed on every system.

Another useful thing to remember is that there is always a wealth of information on a component contained in comments in its configuration files. All Dataworks Enterprise modules that can be configured in any way has comments in their configuration files often describing in detail what the module does.