WorldInfo Data

WorldInfo provides holidays and time zone information on exchanges.

Response Fields for an EXCHANGE_INDEX Request

Field Description
LINK_[1..n] Name of the exchange in chain
NEXT_LR Next link reference
PREV_LR Previous link reference
REF_COUNT Number of items in chain.

Response Fields for an EXCHANGE Request

Field Description
ABBREV Exchange name abbreviation
CLOSE_TIME Exchange close time given in the time zone of the WorldInfo component
CLOSE_TIME_LOCAL Exchange close time in local time
COUNTRY Exchange country
HOLIDAYS Holidays for the current year and one on each side of the year
NAME Exchange Name
OPEN_TIME Exchange open time given in the time zone of the WorldInfo component
OPEN_TIME_LOCAL Exchange open time in local time
TIMEZONE Exchange time zone
TIMEZONE_OFFSET GMT and exchange time difference

Response Fields for a DOWNLOAD_STATUS Request

Field Description
CURRENT_TIME Current local time
CURRENT_UTC Coordinated Universal Time
SOURCES_DATE_STAMP Source csv file date stamp
TIME_FILES_LAST_READ Time the csv's were last read
TIMER_COUNTDOWN_LIMIT Time denoting the interval the csv's are read
TIMEZONE_DATE_STAMP TimeZone csv file date stamp