News Data

News Data consists headlines and stories delivered either by a specific feed handler or from a News Server. News Servers can ingest news data from other sources as well as other news servers.

News data is derived from GlobalTopic (DJN, ICV, AFX, RNS), PRNews, DPA.

Dataworks Enterprise Component

The main Dataworks Enterprise news module is the NewsReal Server. However, other Dataworks Enterprise modules may also produce news and are the source of information for the news server.

Request Syntax

The NewsReal server supports full requests and macros. Macros are expanded in the News Server into full requests. A full request is essentially a Index Server Query in the short form of Dialect 1.

The simplest request is a '?' on its own. This is a macro that expands in the News Server to a query for the last two hours news in reverse time order.

All full requests begin with the '?' character followed by a Index Server query to be executed. Index Server Queries are either full text searches or property-based searches. Full text searches are simply the text to be searched for, optionally with double quotes to reference phrases. For instance:

?Bill Wiedl
Search for all documents that contain the words "Bill" or "Wiedl"
?"Bill Wiedl"
Search for all documents that contain the phrase "Bill Wiedl"

Search terms can be ANDed and ORed together, can be grouped using parenthesis and so on.

Property queries are queries for values that are stored by the News Server for indexing. The main properties are:

A list of companies associated with a news story.
A list of category codes associated with a news story.
The time at which a story was released.
The name of the News Wire that published the story.

For example:

@attribution AFX
All news stories from AFX news wire
@categories DJN.R.US
All news stories about the US
@newstime > -1d
All news stories not more than one day old

Other requests that do not begin with a '?' are taken to either be the name of a story as returned in a headline or to be a macro for a company search. The News Server can tell when the request is a story. If it is, the server looks for "/HTML" option. If this is present the data is returned as HTML, otherwise it is returned as text. If the request is not a story, it is taken to be a company search macro. Thus, the request "ICI.L" will return news relating to ICI.

Index Server query language is documented here .

To get a stream of headlines, issues the request "HEADLINE".