Dataworks Enterprise: Data Sets



Autex BlockDATA

AutEx BlockDATA is the global trade information source. Since 1986, AutEx BlockDATA has been generating customized reports and rankings for the financial industry worldwide. It provides Security Report ranks, Broker Summary Report, Industry Sector / Trader Profile ranks, Market/Country Ranking, Top Stocks Report and other reports.

Carson Contacts

Provides detailed profile and contact data. Includes bios, address, job functions, specialties, regions and industries covered among other items.


Provides company profile, financial and accounting results, market and per-share data. Covers more than 10,500 active and 11,069 inactive US companies.


Historical and corporate action pricing data including open, high, low, close, volume, dividends and stock splits.


Provides global-securities-pricing, indices, exchange pricing, company fundamentals, economics and time-series data.


This collection tracks issuance of all types of capital raising securities and M&A activity. TF has comprehensive information from the company�s inception, through the IPO, to debt financing, to any mergers or acquisition activity and onto bankruptcy, if applicable. Worldwide mergers, acquisitions and alliances covers approximately 182k US M&As from 1977 to present, 292k international M&As from 1985 to present and more than 103k worldwide joint ventures and strategic alliances.


Provides company profile, financial and accounting results, market and per-share data. Covers more than 14,600 active and 1,500 inactive companies.

FC Events

As the leading provider of financial events, this source provides earnings dates, conference calls, Webcast events, brokerage conferences, split dividend information, economic events and IPOs. First Call Events tracks the financial events for more than 6,000 public companies both domestically and internationally. Note: this source is currently in QA.

First Call Rsearch

Research documents and broker notes. Also includes earnings, detailed estimates and consensus.

GlobalStream (TDM1)

Provides both delayed and real time pricing quotes covering 130 exchanges in more than 25 developed countries. This source is available subject to exchange restrictions


A real-time global equities feed which also provides news. The real time pricing includes equities, derivatives and indices.


Provides consensus estimates, averages, means, medians, analyst earning details and analyst forecasts.


Provides summary estimates, recommendations, detailed estimates and fundamental data.


Provides both delayed and real time pricing quotes covering 130 exchanges in more than 25 developed countries. This source is available subject to exchange restrictions.


US insider filing data from the following forms: 3, 4, 5 and 144


Investext research documents

Nelson's MarketPlace

Provides reports, queries and research on more than 2,800 investment managers including over 250 real estate managers. Reports include product information, asset allocation, gross performance, asset allocation, investment approach and quality breakdown among many others. Note: A subset of MarketPlace datasets and search options is currently available; additional content to be added soon.


Global Topic news which includes Dow Jones, AFX, ICV, VWD and Agence Dataworks Enterprise France among others.


Provides news from more than 90+ sources, which includes AP Online, Knight Ridder, Business Wire, PR News Wire, NewsBytes, Bridge, Comtex, ON 24, Wall Street Journal Abstract and Internet Wire among many others. May require agreements with individual news providers.


This collection provides timely analysis and forecasts on companies, industries, products and markets across the globe with the most comprehensive collection of information and aftermarket brokerage reports written by expert analysts at more than 450 of the world�s top investment banks, brokerage houses and research firms. The original-format PDF reports offer active coverage on some 57k companies across all industries and countries.

Ownership & Contacts (OCP)

The Ownership Product Database (OP) consists of a unified database accessed through the Dataworks Enterprise XML-based API. OP maintains the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive collection of global institutional ownership data with details on mutual, pension and insurance funds in 53 countries. The database combines the business rules and content sets needed, including the following: security transactions, holders� summary, security profiles, insider reports, account transactions and profiles, contact details and data transactions among other reports among many others.

SEC Filings

EDGAR filings and images. All form types available. Documents can be retrieved in HTML, XML, RTF and PDF

SEC Fundamentals

Provides company profile, annual and quarterly financials, pricing information and earnings estimates. Covers more than 12,700 active US and Canadian companies.


Institutional ownership data collected from regulatory filings and information gathered directly from funds and fund managers.


Coming soon...


The VFDB source provides access to IBES consensus, broker detail and aggregate data plus additional datasets stored in the VFDB database.


Provides company profile, financial statements (standardized), accounting results and per share data. Covers more than 24, 500 active and 7,200 inactive companies representing more than 55 established and emerging markets, nearly 96 percent of global stock market value.


Information on exchange holidays and exchange time zones


Symbology Cross Reference Data